About The Excess Men

The Excess Men are a team of Superzeroes, inept in their abilities, complex in their relationships and confused by their mission - if they even have one. Charged with protecting the Ocean State this team of Chumpions, armed with questionable powers to say the least, fight the forces of evil that threaten the smallest state. The villains they encounter possess abilities just as bizarre, with evil intent just as questionable.

Much detail and background on The Excess Men will be revealed in their upcoming stories.


Here is an overview of the team:



Professor Exhausting - The overbearing, loud, and at times unstable leader of The Excess Men. Riding on a motorized chaise lounge he is surly and self-serving. The Professor is empowered by the Excalibro – an intuitive super computer he interacts with, programmed to respond only to him. He is committed to guiding The Excess Men in fighting evil, but is driven to do so by his narcissistic personality disorder and obsessive preoccupation with power, prestige and vanity.


Maintenance Man - The true-blue, closest thing to a real superhero in the group. With a strong moral center, he strives to do the right thing, and almost cares about everything to a fault. Serious and dedicated to doing good, he can be blinded by his anal focus on details.

Methane Man - The bad boy of The Excess Men, he is known for chasing women, overindulging on the finest wine and dressing fashionably, despite his gritty demeanor. His ability is self-explanatory - his intake of protein coupled with a dangerous digestive system has made him a threat to friend and foe alike. Some sound advice - don't stand downwind.


Consumption - The prototypical sidekick of The Excess Men. Naïve, but well-informed on topics no one cares about, he has one special talent. He can eat...and eat...and eat. If it is organic he can consume it. And if it is not organic, he’ll probably give it a shot.


Sarcasm - The comedy relief. He serves very little purpose, and the only support he brings to the team is cautious cynicism, coupled with a barrage of insults and put-downs. He is not particularly brave, and would prefer to be home watching television as opposed to saving anything but himself.


Captain Irrelevant -